Beale Street Brews Coffee Shop
& Roasting Co.

About Us

Established in 2007 (originally in the historic 1917,Central Commercial building), Beale Street Brews has become a down-town icon for coffee connoisseurs, hipsters, business professionals, travelers and everyone looking for that small, home town feeling. In fact, Beale Street Brews Coffee Shop was the beginning of the resurgence of downtown. People now had a reason to come downtown again! Being in a Rt. 66 town,  visitors come from miles around and lands afar. Our in house roasted coffee, professionally trained baristas, exceptional drinks and friendly surroundings keep them coming back. 

In 2016 Beale St. Brews moved up a block to 510 E. Beale into a long forgotten and vacant bank built in 1965. With art deco/ flair, Beale Street Brews cleverly blends post modern and industrial styles to create a comfortable spot that welcomes regular locals and international tourists alike. We offer free WI-FI, but come with your electronics fully charged because back in the day when this brick, steel enforced bank was built there were no computers or cell phones so the limited power was re-routed to accommodate modern machinery and most the outlets have been abandoned.

More than atmosphere and cozy comforts, Beale Street Brews will always be about the coffee. Our motto is:
                                   "The best way to drink coffee is the way you like it best!" 
You tell us how you want it and we'll fix it to your satisfaction. From in house freshly roasted organic and/or fair-trade coffees, to the finest  espresso blend, Beale Street Brews creates every drink with passion and attention.


Open Sunday - Saturday 6:00 am - 6:00 pm,
(Open later for special events)
Beale Street Brews Coffee  Shop & Roasting Co.
510 E. Beale St.
Kingman, Az. 86401

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