Hot Beverages

Coffee (Made fresh with in house roasted organic beans)
Cafe au Lait
Latte (in a dozen or more regular & sugar free flavors!)
Chai Latte
Espresso (Blended for and by Beale Street Brews)
Hot Cocoa and Steamers of all flavors!
Carmello – our signature caramel yummieness
White Chocolate Mocha
Shot in the Dark (Coffee with an espresso shot)

Select Organic Teas


Natural Syrups:

Chocolate, Caramel, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Coconut, English Toffee, Irish Cream, Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange, Lime, Almond, Mango, Banana, Cherry, Cinnamon, English Toffee, Peppermint , Raspberry,

We roast and serve Organic and/or Fair Trade coffee

Cold Beverages

Iced Coffee
Iced or Blended Mocha, Carmello, White Chocolate Mocha
Iced Latte
Iced Americano
Iced or Blended Chai Latte
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea
Italian Sodas (in a dozen or more regular or sugar free flavors!)
Slurry – Blended Italian Soda
Smoothies (100% Fruits – Blueberry, Banana, Cherry, Peach)
(Add in’s – Chia seed, yogurt, PB, ginger, turmeric, honey, peanut butter, beet, carrot, oats, leafy greens, maca root, pea protein, whey protein)


Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches – Egg with choices of sausage, bacon, bell pepper, cheese
Southwest Chicken Bagel Sandwich (Spicy! on a Jalapeno Bagel!) and corn chips
Midwest Style Tuna on an Onion Bagel (celery and pickles) with potato chips

Assorted Pastries (Baked daily):

Bagels – Cheese, Plain, Jalapeno, Onion, Power Bar
Oatmeal- Choice of toppings – Blueberries, cherries, raisins, brown sugar, pineapple, honey, almonds, walnuts
Large Cookies – chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal,
Assorted Muffins
Assorted Pasteries – Apple Strudel, Berry Strudel, Strawberry/cream cheese Strudel